Principle 8: You Can and Must “Inoculate” Your Children Against Negative Beliefs

Try as we might to teach our kids the truth and nothing but the truth, the distorted beliefs of a world that has lost its balance will filter into the hearts and minds of our children. Will they be prepared? All parents know that a mild exposure to germs, whether in the form of a medical immunization or an exposure to real-world germs, can help activate a child’s immune system to fight off infection. In contrast, providing an environment that is too antiseptic (too much anti-bacterial hand soap, antibiotics, air purifiers, and so forth) can actually result in a child being more vulnerable, not less, to infection. In direct parallel, parents who exposes their children to the destructive moral messages they will eventually encounter anyway help to strengthen their children by taking the surprise out of the destructive message and assisting the child to know how to counteract it.