How Not to Do It and How to Do It Right

The new commercial advertisement for the 2014 Kia Sorento is a hoot. It is well worth your one minute viewing!

Sadly, it also is a graphic depiction of the mistaken two-stage strategy of all-too-many parents when it comes to sex education in the home:

First, weave an enchanting and engaging fairytale about where babies come from (in this case, of infants shooting in rockets from a planet in outer space into the lives of waiting parents on earth!).

Second, when your child does not buy that and begins to ask too many questions, change the subject frantically (in this case, by blasting out “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”).

This website and our sex education materials offer another approach, a lifelong and developmentally appropriate approach to sex education in the Christian home.

Stan recently gave a series of talks to the Theology Conference on the topic “Sex Matters” hosted by the Evangelical Free Church of America denomination. One of those talks was on the proper approach of Christian families and the Christian church to sex education. In this talk, Stan summarized again our approach and the major principles on which it is founded. You can find a video of the presentation and the related recommendations for reading sources resources here. There are numerous other helpful talks on the theology of sexuality and Christian ethics.

We want to thank all of the parents over almost 2 decades who have used our materials with their children. We have just passed the mark of over 900,000 total copies of the five books in our God’s Design for Sex Christian family sex education book series.