Biblical Foundations: Fallen Sexuality

Adam and Eve rebelled against God. Shame over their nakedness was the first and immediate effect. Even though there was nothing wrong with their physical nakedness, they could not bear the vulnerability of nakedness before God or each other. Shame over what we have done and for what we are remains part of our fallen human heritage. Immediately after Adam and Eve sinned, God told them that power struggles between the two of them—and between all women and men—would be one of the legacies of their choices (Genesis 3:16).

The distortions of selfishness and pride entered into our sexual lives, as did disease, pain in childbirth, and death. We became people who could worship sex like an idol and treat people like objects used for our selfish gratification. The motives of rebellion against God and of greed, insecurity, anger, possessiveness, and more became part of our sexual experience. We became capable of our lusts enslaving us.

Our whole nature, including our sexual nature, is polluted by sin. As we move to how God reached out to save us, we must remember that sin only distorts the good but can never obliterate it. Our sexuality remains good, even if warped.


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