Sex Ed: Model Dialogue 4 Years Old

The Story of Me, the first book in the God’s Design for Sex book series, is a resource for parents in starting the conversation about sexuality with your child during the ages of three to five. If you have a track record of dealing comfortably with sexuality, conversations on this topic may be commonplace. But your children may not be comfortable yet in talking with you, and so reading The Story of Me with your child may well get this conversation going. This can then lead to wonderful casual conversations like the following:

While soaping himself during his bath, four-year-old Kevin gets an erection.

CHILD: Daddy, why does my penis get hard like this sometimes?

PARENT: Well, God made us men so that our penises are very sensitive. It feels good to touch them sometimes. When your penis starts to feel good, a little extra blood from other parts of your body goes into your penis, and that makes it get a bit bigger and harder.

CHILD: Is it a bad thing?

PARENT: No, not at all. God made you that way. It’s just part of being a man.