Review by Dr. Glynn Harrison, M.D. of the God’s Design for Sex (3rd Rev., 2019)

Glynn Harrison, M.D., retired as Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, UK. He is also a Past President of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology, and also served as an Advisor to the World Health Organization. His recent book, A Better Story: God, Sex & Human Flourishing, is absolutely terrific.

Here is Dr. Harrison’s review of the God’s Design for Sex book series:

“The sexual revolution has come as a wake up call for Christian parents and educators alike. The ‘home team’ now feels like the ‘away team’ and, in a society so far adrift of its Christian moorings, parents can no longer try to out-source the moral formation of their children. Our greatest challenge is to show what we are for as well as what we are against, and here Stan and Brenna Jones have done the Church a great service. A comprehensive and authoritative set of resources, [final overall title] integrates biblical instruction with evidence from the social sciences, sound common sense and practical wisdom. Most importantly of all, it fires the imagination with a positive vision of the divine gift of sex and human sexuality. This is the ‘go-to’ resource for all those Christian parents, educators and pastors who care about the biblically-rooted formation and flourishing of their children.”