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Our books are founded on the belief that Christian parents – with some advice, encouragement, and information – can prepare their children to experience God’s best in the area of sexuality! Our vision is for children to grow up absorbing Biblical, wholesome, age-appropriate teaching about sexuality from parents as a part of daily life.

God intends you parents to shape your child’s sexual character. Effective Christian sex education is more than “The TALK,” more than doling out information. It is the shaping of your child’s character to reflect Biblical truth and God’s own nature.

You will find loads of information through the links below, but we recommend you start by reading an overview of our approach. You can also view a video encouraging the use of our books!

Webinar Giving An Overview of our Approach

We invite you to watch a two-part seminar on “the God’s Design for Sex” approach to family sex education. Stan taught this in early 2019 for our good friends at PEACE* at the invitation of their leader, Phil Lees. You can obtain the handout for the webinar here, watch Session 1 here, and watch Session 2 here.

*PEACE (Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity-USA) is an organization that mobilizes, educates and empowers Christian parents to interface and engage in constructive and productive ways with public school sex education educators and administrators to foster better sex education programs for their children. In their own words, “Our Vision [is] To see that all children receive a quality education in an environment which connects the learning in the classroom with the cultural and spiritual understandings of the child.” We are delighted that PEACE regards our God’s Design for Sex book series as a primary source for parents.



Praise and Awards

There is no higher human praise than the confidence of parents. Across three revisions over more than two decades, the books are selling more briskly than ever. This has nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with word of mouth: one parent telling another parent these are good resources. Total sales of the 5 books in the God’s Design for Sex book series is approaching 1.5 million copies! Thank you, parents!

The God’s Design for Sex series won two Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s Gold Medallion awards: How and When, released first by itself, won the and then the best Family and Parenting Book award, and then the children’s books won the best Family and Parenting Book award together the next year. The series is recommended by Focus on the Family, and was called “smart … [and] very practical” in the pages of Christianity Today.

Dr. Glynn Harrison, an internationally respected Christian psychiatrist, says about the series: “This is the ‘go-to’ resource for all those Christian parents, educators and pastors who care about the biblically-rooted formation and flourishing of their children.” Read the entire endorsement and many others by clicking below.

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Spring, 2023 Update

RELEVANCE: We undertook the recent 3rd revision of the FIVE book series because the world had changed dramatically since earlier editions were released. In today’s world, our children are confronted with sexual confusion and misdirection on every side. Social media and contemporary culture exert enormous and largely unavoidable power over them. Our goal is to give you the most effective tools for you to help your children make godly choices. Click the “Read More” link below for a summary what is the same and what is different between the second and third editions.

CONFUSION: 1) We are disappointed that Google or Amazon searches imply the God’s Design for Sex series is FOUR books (the books for kids). It is FIVE books (one parent’s guide and four age-graded books for parents and kids to read together). Parents often tell us recently the How & When book for parents is the most valuable of them all! 2) There is also some confusion because the second book for children 5-8 was written originally by our friend Carolyn Nystrom; we have now joined her as co-authors in the 3rd revision.

THIS WEBPAGE: Due to the press and demands of life, we are unable to make this website interactive. We are suspending the Blog we had intended to write regularly, and cannot respond to correspondence regarding this website. Apologies. This website simply offers supplemental material to anyone interested.

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