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Christian parents, with some advice, encouragement, and information, can succeed at preparing their children to experience God’s best in the area of sexuality! Our vision is that children grow up absorbing Biblical, wholesome, age-appropriate teaching about sexuality from parents as a regular part of daily life.

God intends parents to shape your child’s sexual character. Effective Christian sex education is more than “The TALK,” than doling out information. It is the shaping of your child’s character to reflect Biblical truth and God’s own character.

You will find loads of information through the links below, but we recommend you start by reading an overview of our approach or view a recent review. For those desiring to teach our approach to other parents, click here for resources.

Hear a Summary Talk

By clicking below, you can listen to a plenary address Stan gave in February 2013 urging churches to teach a lifelong Biblical approach to Christian sex ed in the family at the 2013 Evangelical Free Church of America Theology Conference. Click on the “Theology of Sex Applied (audio) link.

Thanks to our friends at the EFCA for recording this and making it available to all!


Praise and Awards

Total sales of the 5 books in the God’s Design for Sex book series have passed 1.1 million copies! Clearly, they are the choice of many Christian families!

The God’s Design for Sex series won the EPCA Gold Medallion award in Family and Parenting, is recommended by Focus on the Family, and was called “smart … [and] very practical” in the pages of Christianity Today.

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June, 2018 Update

We are making progress on the lengthy process of revising this book series for re-publication in late summer 2019. This website will be redesigned upon publication of the revised book series; for now it is largely static. We cannot currently respond to emails through this site.

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