Sex Ed: Model Dialogue Breast Feeding

You will be asked questions you can’t answer on the spot. Be prepared to say, “Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but I will try to find out and tell you.” It is vital that you follow through with that commitment. The questions most likely to stump you are the detailed questions about the functioning of the human body and the miracle of reproduction. Remember, this is the type of information least likely to really matter to your children in the long run. What really matters is the sexual character you are helping to build. When a child asks a question, never miss the opportunity to build character by sharing God’s perspective, even if you don’t know the factual answer to the question.

Five-year-old Caden raises a perplexing question after seeing his younger sister nurse.

CHILD: Dad, how do a mother’s breasts make milk?

PARENT: You know, I really don’t understand it myself. I know every woman has little things called milk glands or ducts in her breasts that make the milk. God made women so that the milk they make for their babies is the perfect food for them. It’s one of God’s ways to show his love for the baby by taking such good care of him or her.

CHILD: What do you mean, it’s the perfect food?

PARENT: During the first few days after a baby is born, the mother’s breasts don’t make milk at all. They make a liquid that makes it much harder for the baby to catch any sickness. After that, the milk comes, and the mother’s milk is better for the baby than cow milk or anything else. God knows so well how to take care of us perfectly; that’s why it is so important that we trust what he tells us in the Bible. God loves us and wants to make our lives good.


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