Biblical Foundations: Purposes

From Chapter 1

Sex is a gift from God. It is a frequently misunderstood, misused and squandered gift, but a gift nonetheless. Our sexuality and the rules God has given us to direct our use of that gift are a tremendous blessing.

Many parents focus too narrowly and negatively when they think about goals for sex education. Worried by what they hear about sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases and the like among young people, parents seek to protect their children from the ravages that illicit and irresponsible sex can cause by convincing their kids not to have sex. Rightly so. But this goal is too small, too limited, too narrow. If we stop there, we only seek to protect them by stopping them from doing anything negative.

Don’t we want to give them something profoundly positive? Protecting our children from the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage that can result from irresponsible and inappropriate sexual choices is important. But our most important goal is to equip and empower our children to enter adulthood capable of living godly, wholesome, and fulfilled lives as Christian men and women, Christian wives and husbands.

Our goal, then, is not just to protect our children from death or disease, and not just to protect them from sin. Our goal is to prepare them to become the kinds of adults who can have deep and meaningful marriages filled with spiritual, sexual, and emotional intimacy, and who can have loving and deep family relationships and friendships. Sex as God intended it is the giving over of the astonishing gift of our very selves to another in marital union. Sex education is about preparing our children for giving this gift rightly; preparing them to be able to love and trust and believe enough to commit their whole selves and their whole futures to another. When we do this, we also protect them.


From Chapter 2

Tim Stafford, an effective and wise Christian author in the area of sexuality, has argued that we need nothing less now than to create a Christian sexual counterculture, to sponsor a Christian “sexual revolution.” That is what raising a generation of pure kids will amount to. Will such a generation of kids have anything to offer to a sex-obsessed world? Yes. They will form a community that will experience, for all the world to see, the benefits of handling sexuality God’s way.

Our ultimate goal in sex education is to shape a child’s character so that the child will glorify God in all areas of life, including sexuality. He or she will please God in choices and actions and by the very nature of the character the child manifests. As a part of this, we must look at the child’s choices in the teenage years as absolutely essential, but we must also look past the teenage years. We must have a vision for what kind of adult we want the child to be.

We must think of the whole person as we do sex education. We are preparing our children not just to resist sexual temptation in the teenage years, but to be godly persons who understand and accept their sexuality. With this foundation, they can make good decisions about sexuality in the teenage years. This will help them enjoy the full fruits of God’s gifts when they marry. Any approach to sex education that ignores the dangers of sexual expressions beyond the bounds of God’s revealed will is in serious error. But so is any approach that emphasizes the dangers to the extent that it cripples the child’s ability to obtain the fruits God hopes to develop in his or her life as a married adult.

Do we really want the best for our children? Are we willing to sacrifice and work hard to provide the best for them? If you said yes, then this book series is for you.