What if I have started sex ed too late?

There is no such thing as “too” late. Earlier is better. Any sex education that we give to our kids is a gift, an improvement over no communication whatsoever. And you are reading this book because you love your child enough to want to give him or her that gift.

If you’re starting late, at least you’re starting. Remember, our God is a God who wants to start a good work in us and keep at it until it’s done (Philippians 1:6). God is willing to start His good work any time we are ready; it’s never too late with God. Earlier would have been better, but don’t be discouraged; now is a wonderful time to start in God’s view. Here are our concrete suggestions:

Start Now!

First, however old your child is, start sex education now! Give yourself a crash course with this or other books, and dive in. Don’t put it off for more preparation or out of a fatalistic sense of having already waited too long. That would be defeatist thinking. Any discussion you can have with your child that follows the guidelines we discuss in this book will bear fruit. Start now. If you are starting late, it is probably due in part to uncomfortable feelings about this topic. We hope that this book will make you more comfortable.

Share honestly with your children your hesitancies in communicating about sex, and confess to them your embarrassment for getting this late start. Parents should not always try to be strong and perfect before their children. A parent who is uncomfortable communicating about sex but goes ahead anyway despite obvious distress is moving ahead in the task of sex education and is communicating to the child that the parent cares so deeply about the child that he or she is willing to endure embarrassment and discomfort for the child’s sake. That is a sacrifice of love that can bear fruit.