Biblical Foundations

Mistaken “Biblical” Reasons NOT to Tell Your Kids about Sex

A hilarious commercial from several years ago, available here, is a realistic depiction of the mistaken two-stage strategy of all-too-many parents when it comes to sex education in the home: First, offer an evasive concoction of half-truths about where babies come from (or even, as in this commercial, an outrageous fairytale). Second, when your child does not buy it and begins to ask too many questions, change the subject (in this case, by blasting out “The Wheels on the Bus … [more]

Be assured: God’s ways are true and reliable

In late September and early October, 2011, I (Stan) published a study showing that some homosexuals can change significantly, findings that support the validity of Christian ministries like Exodus international. The Christian media paid some attention; the secular media largely yawned and looked the other way. This is remarkable, because the main mental health organizations proclaimed steadily the change is impossible, and our study directly contradicts that conclusion. I put this experience against an experience I had in 2007 when … [more]