Christian Parenting

Abstinence Education: Sexy or Scary?

“Sex is great!” chants the crowd at the sexual abstinence rally. The point is not to encourage the teenagers attending to have sex, but rather to encourage them to wait to have sex until they are married. My colleague at Wheaton, Dr. Christine Gardner, has just published her new book, “Making Chastity Sexy: the Rhetoric of Evangelical Abstinence Campaigns.” She studies, as an expert in communication, the messages of the many teen-oriented abstinence programs that attempt to help encourage teenagers … [more]

Be assured: God’s ways are true and reliable

In late September and early October, 2011, I (Stan) published a study showing that some homosexuals can change significantly, findings that support the validity of Christian ministries like Exodus international. The Christian media paid some attention; the secular media largely yawned and looked the other way. This is remarkable, because the main mental health organizations proclaimed steadily the change is impossible, and our study directly contradicts that conclusion. I put this experience against an experience I had in 2007 when … [more]