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How Not to Do It and How to Do It Right

The new commercial advertisement for the 2014 Kia Sorento is a hoot. It is well worth your one minute viewing! Sadly, it also is a graphic depiction of the mistaken two-stage strategy of all-too-many parents when it comes to sex education in the home: First, weave an enchanting and engaging fairytale about where babies come from (in this case, of infants shooting in rockets from a planet in outer space into the lives of waiting parents on earth!). Second, when … [more]

University Sex Culture Today

The report in the September 7, 2012, Chronicle of Higher Education (entitled “Sex and College at Yale”) should serve to motive responsible Christian parents to prepare their children for a culture hostile to Christian sexual morality:  In the winter of 2010, during a popular tradition at Yale University known as Sex Week, a representative of a sex-toy company called Babeland gave a talk to an eager audience of more than a thousand Yale undergraduates. Before long, the students, who had … [more]

On the Meaning of Perverse TV Sex

Pornography continues to intrude more and more into the standard fare on TV, and from there into the hearts and minds of many, including many children and teenagers. A recent essay lays out clearly the way the fundamental worldviews are at play in the depictions of sex on TV. “Girls” is a new television series on HBO (that we have never seen). An early episode created a cascade of criticism for a particular sex scene, with those criticisms in turn … [more]

Science and Homosexuality

On Monday, January 16, 2012, my article “Same-Sex Science” documenting the growing acceptance of false beliefs about homosexuality promulgated in the name of science will be officially published in the February issue of the journal First Things (in print and on its website). This article is extracted from a much longer, original version “Sexual Orientation and Reason: Implications of False Beliefs about Homosexuality.” To summarize these articles, I quote first from the introduction of the shortened version published by First … [more]

Abstinence Education: Sexy or Scary?

“Sex is great!” chants the crowd at the sexual abstinence rally. The point is not to encourage the teenagers attending to have sex, but rather to encourage them to wait to have sex until they are married. My colleague at Wheaton, Dr. Christine Gardner, has just published her new book, “Making Chastity Sexy: the Rhetoric of Evangelical Abstinence Campaigns.” She studies, as an expert in communication, the messages of the many teen-oriented abstinence programs that attempt to help encourage teenagers … [more]

Be assured: God’s ways are true and reliable

In late September and early October, 2011, I (Stan) published a study showing that some homosexuals can change significantly, findings that support the validity of Christian ministries like Exodus international. The Christian media paid some attention; the secular media largely yawned and looked the other way. This is remarkable, because the main mental health organizations proclaimed steadily the change is impossible, and our study directly contradicts that conclusion. I put this experience against an experience I had in 2007 when … [more]